Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baby Gender Reveal Party

As I approach our due date I decided I wanted to blog about our Gender Reveal Party. We kept it simple but there are so many great ways to do this I wanted to share ours too.

We invited the immediate family over for dinner on the night of our ultrasound - I had to hold the exciting news in ALL day!! My husband and I decided to find out in the Dr.'s office but surprise our family with the news.

I had pink and blue everything - plates, napkins, forks etc. I asked everyone to wear the color of the sex they thought it would be (i.e. wear blue for boy, pink for girl) and my husband and I stragetically wore both colors.

For the reveal we decided to do cupcakes so everyone had a part - instead of one or two people cutting into  a cake. Because it was all the same day - I had blue and pink filled cupcakes made and then served the color that it was. On the outside they were identical - but inside they were filled with pink or blue so you had to bite into it to see the gender color.

It was so exciting and a great way to include everyone in on the news!

Also, my sister is having a baby this year too! Just 4 months behind me - so I wanted to share how she did her gender reveal as well.

They invited the immediate family to dinner at a nice restaurant in town. They chose not to find out at the Dr.'s office and had the ultrasound technicial seal it in an envelope. We ate our dinner and when we were finished it was time (my brother in law enjoyed the suspense and making us all anxious for the news).

They opened the envelope as a couple and read it aloud to the group - it was so fun!

So we are having a girl (any day now) and their having a boy (in July) - such a great time in our lives!