Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Bachelorette that Sparkles!

So today's blog is a bit different. I can't actually take ANY credit for this party but it was just a fun idea I had to share! It will also be a much shorter post this week - then we will be back on track for every other week so check back on the 26th!!!

My friend Jen who I blogged about last week with the Tea Party Shower also had a fun bachelorette party. Her Maid of Honor made the theme 'sequins and sparkles'. She asked everyone to wear sequins and sparkles.

We did a cocktail hour with light appetizers prior to going out and she found edible glitter for the cupcakes and also a really fine glitter for the sangria.

It was such a fun idea and I thought this was the perfect place to share it!

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