Friday, July 27, 2012

A Pink and Green Monkey Party!

My friend, Niki's baby turned one this week and last weekend they had a great party for her! I wanted to blog it for you because they did some really cute things.

First of she knew she wanted to do pink polka-dots so I encouraged her to pick an object of some sort to be the focus - so she found these great monkey plates and the theme had been chosen! Check out the plates and other matching things at Birthday Express.

Since the plates were pink and green she chose both colors to accent with. Most of the decorations were bought at Party City.

And of course for the one year birthday party you have to decorate the high chair for the "smash cake" - Niki did a great job with the ribbon we attached it to the high chair with glue dots.

The kept with the monkey theme on the "smash cake", cookies and pretzel (from a local bakery).

For the tables she bought the table clothes at Party City but found green polka-dot wrapping paper and used that to spread as a runner. They carried the ribbon theme over from the high chair onto the centerpiece vases.

It was a very colorful, well themed party and I'm glad I was able to share it with all of you. Thank you Niki and Happy Birthday Harper!

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