Monday, September 10, 2012

A Birthday Party for the Dog...

So because I love to throw a party... I had a 1st birthday party for my puppy. Although it may sound crazy - I had lost my job earlier in the month and had lots of time on my hands :) I did a doggy birthday brunch (didn't want to take too much time out of people's day for a dog party).

I didn't spend much on this since really the dog wasn't going to appreciate it much - ha! But we had a great time! I tried to focus everything about the dog and make the humans feel "connected" to the pooch. Originally her dog friends were invited as well but we got snow before the party and it was just too sloppy outside so it was just Maya and her favorite humans.

The food...

We had "milk bones" - a Hershey kiss melted in the center of a round pretzel (only available at Christmas) with an M&M smashed into the top (do while warm before the chocolate hardens).

"Ruffins" - blueberry and banana nut muffins...

Also featuring - "Heartguard" - fruit salad, "Raw Hydes" - donuts, and "Pup-cake" - pancakes 

I also made take home goodies for the humans - cookies and for the dog friends - homemade dog biscuits - in the shapes of dog bones (mini and large), little "Maya"'s, fire hydrants and dog paws.

For decorations I found the cutest little treat bags with beagles on them (Maya is beagle/lab mix) - the cute boxes I gave to the dog friends and I had little plastic goodie bags to match for the human friends.

On the party hats I attached dog ears so we could all be a dog for the day.


A group wearing the dog ears - everyone took my silliness with such a good spirit :)

Maya eating her birthday "pup-cake"

Happy Birthday Maya! It was such a fun party to plan!

Party hats, treat boxes and treat bags - Party City. Table cloth, plates, napkins and utensils - The Dollar Store. Recipes for cookies (secret), recipe for homemade dog biscuits.

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